what is posture?

Think of bad posture and most of us conjure up images of a slouched or hunched position, rounded shoulders and upper back with a head down position. Think of good posture and we see a straight back, head up with shoulders pulled back and chest high. Good posture requires a person to maintain the alignment of certain body parts; poor posture is often acknowledged as a cause of musculoskeletal pain, joint restriction or general discomfort. Within physical therapy the term posture describes the relationships among various parts of the body, their anatomical arrangement and how well they do or do not fit together.

The postures we adopt provide clues for therapists as to the condition of our bodies, old injuries, new traumas, mild or more serious pathologies, and emotions are all reflected in the way we hold ourselves day to day.

Our assessments at Fire & Earth look at your static posture to see if there are any imbalances that could cause or are causing you pain and discomfort.

Common postural problems people experience are;

  • scoliosis aka curved spine

  • genu valgum aka knock knees

  • thoracic kyphosis aka hunch back

how does a postural assessment work?

Our therapists look at the overall alignment of your body in a standing position, you will need to wear shorts, and a vest top for the ladies, so we can see your joints and bony prominences properly. You maybe asked to move around a bit so we can see how your body works in particular positions, this tells us if you have areas of weakness or stiffness. Once we have all the information we need we will put it together for you and talk you through suggested treatments and or exercises that we feel will help improve your posture.

These assessments will be included within your treatment if required. Our therapists will decide with you at your initial consultation or if you have been before but like the sound of it please let us know when you book.

our specialist

Harry Sherlock is our resident specialist in this area and is currently in the throws of completing a Strength and Conditioning Masters. His knowledge and passion for all things structural and mechanical make him the perfect choice for carrying out your postural assessment. Very friendly and willing to take the time to explain the technical aspects in a way you will understand, we know you will love Harry and how his assessments can help you. 

Give your preferred location a call or click the link below to book an appointment with one of our team.