What are postural assessments?

Why have a postural assessment?

Depending on the individual we decide which assessment they will benefit them, this could be sports specific or a general postural assessment.

When looking at a sporting injury or under-performce we are able to assess movement patterns,  muscle activation,  as well as strength and flexibility of specific areas. During the assessment we gather information, test movement and video performance,  we are then able to provide a treatment plan according to findings and measure any improvements with further sessions.

Harry, Kimberley and Amy are our specialists in this area.

Performing a postural assessment on an individual who may have long term pain enables us to understand how their body is coping with the lifestyle demands placed upon it. From this we put together an exercise plan and possibly massage treatments that together result in a correction of posture and the reduction or removal of pain.

Asessesing overall similarities and differences in structures and movement patterns,  we are able to evaluate and address the corrections neeeded through simple lifestyle changes,  stretching and strengthening exercises.

Treatment plans are bespoke and vary depending on the discoveries we make during assessments,  they can involve lifestyle alternations or movement/strength alternations but again it depends on the individual and the results from the assessments.

Who will benefit?

Anyone can benefit from an assessment by learning how your body has adapted to life. We all build bad habits even if we try not to, sitting at a desk all day, holding babies on your hip or not stretching before and after exercise,  we all build weakness and alternations in our movments just through our daily habits. An assessment will show these weaknesses,  alternations and give you an awareness of how to change them. 

Those who have reoccurring pain or are under-perfroming will especially benefit from these assessments as awarness is the first step to correcting and understanding underlying issues.

Performing these assessments we are able to discover reasons behind long term pain or under-performce and hopefully help clients improve. Watching movement patterns,  strength patterns and flexibility patterns shows how different each body is and just how fascinating we all are!

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