Training for an event? Sports massage should be an essential part of your preparations

There are lots of events coming up in the next few months. Whether it’s a 5k, half-marathon, triathlon or an ultra-marathon, the last thing you want when training for an event is an injury that means you have to pull out. Sports massage can help you stay in top shape and prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. It should be an essential part of your training plan, and here’s why:

Benefits of massage:

  • helps prevent injury and keeps your body in good condition
  • speeds the recovery process
  • breaks down old scar tissue
  • improves mob ility and flexibility
  • removes lactic acid and toxins
  • loosens tight muscles
  • reduces swelling
  • improves blood circulation to the muscles which helps keep them well oxygenated and in good condition
  • relieves tension
  • releases the body’s natural endorphins producing pain relief
  • It also has the potential to improve performance

And the benefits aren’t just physical, they are psychological too:

  • assists relaxation, mental focus, reduces anxiety and can re-energise you!

How often should you have a massage as part of your preparations?

Everyone is different, and how regular may depend on how much you are training, the intensity of training and any history of previous injury. We would recommend fortnightly massages in the run-up to the event. Your therapist can advise on which areas are tight or ‘vulnerable’, and suggest exercises and stretches to help. This will help to prevent injuries before they occur.

In the final week, have a massage and really concentrate on resting (tricky we know!), stretching and nutrition. Your therapist can also advise as to whether taping would be of benefit for you.

Book a massage for a few days after the event. This will help your body recover quicker and help relieve any post-event muscle fatigue and soreness.  

The best performances come not just from putting in plenty of hard work, but allowing your body to recover as well. So, as well as ensuring you have the right sports kit and training plan, you also need to consider your nutrition, hydration, sleep and muscle care to reduce injury, and maximise performance.

At Fire & Earth, we offer special sports massage training support packages

  • 6 x 60 min massages* booked when suits you within 6 months. Recommended x5 fortnightly up to event day and 1 post event
  • Strength boosting exercise plan to aid event and prevent injuries.
  • Pre and post stretches plan
  • 5m roll of tape which you can be taped up with for free after your sessions.
  • Advice and support via email and at sessions

*tailored to you and your sport. For example, our Runner’s Remedy Massage is a new specific massage treatment designed for runners. A 60 minute treatment will consist on a full leg massage including side lying deep work into your hips, targeting muscles that get over worked during heavy training. Working into your TFL will reduce ‘runner’s knee’ issues, calves & Achilles for any tension build up and quads to help with those hill sessions.

  • Bronze level therapist normally £275.00 now just £230
  • Silver level therapist normally £310.00 now just £260
  • Gold level therapist normally £345.00 now just £300

We know what runners need and will focus on helping you get to race day.

Dream. Believe. Achieve.

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