What is a sports massage and how can it help?

Sports massage is not just for athletes. Sports and deep tissue massage help relieve pain or tension, correct imbalances in the body and encourage relaxation if you prefer a deeper pressure. It focuses on the management and rehabilitation of soft tissues within the body e.g. muscles, ligaments and tendons.

This type of massage is extremely beneficial for those who are suffering from injury or fatigued muscles. These are typically:

  • muscle strains and sprains
  • torn or ruptured ligaments
  • tendonitis

The techniques are similar to those used in traditional massage but the movement is slower and the pressure applied is firmer and more localised.

Sports massage is designed to break down scar tissue (adhesions) in the affected muscles, ligaments and tendons. Physically breaking down scar tissue will improve the flow of blood and lymph fluid enabling the injured muscle to stretch and increase its flexibility. The pressure applied during the massage (generally along the grain of the muscle) will break down the affected scar tissue causing a reduction in pain and inflammation as well as restoring normal functionality and movement.

Benefits of massage:

  • helps prevent injury and keeps your body in good condition
  • speeds the recovery process
  • breaks down old scar tissue
  • improves mobility and flexibility
  • removes lactic acid and toxins
  • loosens tight muscles
  • reduces swelling
  • improves blood circulation to the muscles which helps keep them well oxygenated and in good condition
  • relieves tension
  • releases the body’s natural endorphins, producing pain relief
  • it also has the potential to improve performance

And the benefits aren’t just physical, they are psychological too:

  • assists relaxation, mental focus, reduces anxiety and can re-energise you!

What can sports massage help with?

Sports massage is not just for athletes. Massage can be used to treat and prevent conditions and syndromes, including;

  • sports related injuries
  • tennis or golfers elbow
  • frozen shoulder
  • runners knee
  • sciatica and related back pain
  • repetitive strains and injuries

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