Why do I need to do exercises at home in between massages?

We know how tricky it can be to make the time to put the execises given to you by your therapist into practice. This is why we always keep them as short as possible and make them as achievable as possible. The reason you are given them is to give you the best possible outcome whether that be return from injury or trying to improve posture.

The Benefit of Prescribed Exercises

It is well known that massage holds many benefits, to name a few:

  • Warming up muscles

  • Increasing blood flow

  • Improving lymphatic drainage

  • Increasing elasticity and flexibility

  • Many psychological benefits

These benefits following your massage can last for some time, giving you relief from tension and feeling less symptomatic, however, they will at some point wear off without regular “top-up”/maintenance treatments. To make these benefits last longer your therapist may prescribe a home exercise programme for you to complete in-between sessions.

We understand that sometimes fitting this in is easier said than done due to the nature of our daily lives. Because of this we tailor these programmes to suit you and only give them for your benefit. Exercises, such as stretching, will:

  • Ensure to keep muscles warm

  • Maintain the elasticity of your muscle fibres

  • Prevent tension inhibiting muscle function

  • Keep joints mobile

These exercises help to maintain the work that has been done by your therapist. Exercises usually work on a progressive basis and your therapist will prescribe these over a period of time that builds you up to your end goal. When recovering from an injury, exercises will run on a structure of restoring range of motion, strength, proprioception and balance finishing with return to activity.

As we said earlier we do understand that there may be difficulties that prevent exercises from being completed so do talk to us if you need your programme tweaking or a bit more help understanding what you need to do. Our job is to support you and help you get them done you are likely to see bigger and better improvements in your symptoms if you fit them in.

We are open to all options when it comes to getting them done, this may mean preforming exercises whilst brushing your teeth, or making a cup of tea – before you know it you’ve performed them twice a day without having to purposely make time for them!

Would you like to get an exercise programme to get you closer to your fitness goals?

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