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This week, Tanya and Amy went on the Spinal Manipulation and Mobilisation masterclass with the renowned John Gibbons (the Bodymaster Method) in Oxford. He specialises in teaching techniques to enable therapists to restore movement and remove pain from patients who previously believed that painkillers and surgery were their only choice. 
John believes in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms and that there are better ways to remove pain and increase mobility without resorting to drugs and invasive therapies. This mirrors our way of thinking at Fire and Earth. 
It was very apt that the course was held at Iffley Road. Roger Bannister had died the day before and this was the track where he had broken the 4-min mile. John Gibbons ran a mile on the track in honour of Roger that morning before the course started. 
"I knew I had done it before I heard the time" - legend Roger Bannister - inspiring and poignant... 
There was about 20 of us on the course from all over the country, massage therapists and some physios. It was a lovely group of people, really supportive. 
The initial session was laying the anatomical background knowledge in preparation for the practical side. It was so interesting and we put across in a way you could really get to grips with it easily. We paired up and practised thoracic manipulations and mobilisation. I was paired with a 6ft+ guy who wasn’t the easiest to man-handle, but I took one for the team and did my best! We learnt thoracic, lumbar and some sacroiliac joint moves - which I know will come in useful with so many clients. 
The course has really enhanced our existing knowledge and will enable us to give our clients a bit extra. John was lovely, warm, engaging and explained things really clearly. I’m now looking at doing his full course over the next few months. 
We are very excited to get started on you lot! 
So... who's first? 
If you would like to book in for a treatment, please contact us. 
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