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As a completely natural process that almost all women experience at some point in their lives, the topic of menopause has only recently, but very rightly, become a subject of conversation and education for all. 
We say all hail Davina McCall and all other trail blazers that are shouting from the rooftops about hot flushes, brain fogs, increased anxiety, and lack of sleep. How else would everyone understand how much of an impact the menopause can have? 
As sports massage therapists, we know that soft tissue massage can help with a huge variety of circumstances, including when our bodies go through changes as we mature. 

How Can Massage Help with Menopause Symptoms? 

Alongside the known effects that the menopause has on bone density, a lesser-known effect of the reduction of oestrogen during the menopause, is the effect on the structure and strength of tendons. This mean that some women who are peri-menopausal and during the menopause, are at a higher risk of suffering muscular injuries such as Achilles Tendonitis, and Plantar Fasciitis. 
Unfortunately, it’s much easier to overload the muscles and tendons with low oestrogen levels and cause injury. However, undertaking a regular course of soft tissue massage can help alleviate these conditions, and avoid these annoying niggles turning into long term injuries that hold you back from achieving your goals. 
Massage is also a wonderful tool in dealing with other symptoms associated with the menopause. Anxiety levels can feel high, and you may feel overwhelmed. Life can seem a little scary at times and many women struggle with accepting change. Massage is a natural way of increasing better relaxation by calming the nervous system. 
Many women experience issues with sleep around this time too. Regular soft tissue massages and learning how to relax will help to improve sleep patterns whilst calming the body and improving general wellbeing. 
The menopause is a milestone in a women’s life, and there’s no denying it can be a challenging time, but it certainly should not be suffered in silence. Rather than hide, we should celebrate the blossoming of our life experiences and strut our amazing sass, even if we’re having a hot flush at the time! 
If you feel that peri menopause or menopause symptoms are something you’re experiencing and you’d like some support, do contact us to see how massage could help. 
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