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Do you have a physical disability of paraplegia or amputation? Maybe a chronic condition such as arthritis or multiple sclerosis? Sports therapists and physiotherapists can work with you to adapt exercise(s) to suit your needs. 

Is exercise important? 

Able bodied or not, exercise is super important mentally and physically. As an individual with a disability, your muscles are more prone to underuse, overuse or misuse. If you use a wheelchair for example, the muscles towards the front of your body may be developed from pushing your chair but consequently the muscles in your back maybe limited causing imbalances. 

How will you adapt my exercises? 

Rehabilitation exercises for able bodied individuals may often start in a lying position and progress to seated, before they progress further to standing. Therefore the majority of the time you will be able to follow the same exercises. With regards to most upper body and spinal rehabilitation exercises, almost all will be able to be performed in a seated position. 

Do I need to join a gym? 

You don’t need to join a gym to experience a good strength session these days as resistance bands, tins of beans or your own body weight are great substitutes. 
Unable to physically ride a bicycle? Use a hand cycle. 
Visually impaired and struggle to run? Ask a friend or family member to guide you. 
Arthritis causing too much pain when performing high impact activity? Swimming or cycling are much better options, reducing stress on your joints. 
There are many options to issues you might be facing, it’s just a matter of knowing the correct path to choose. 

Where do I go from here? 

Our sports therapists can help you. Depending on which location you go to, Amy, Harry or Kimberley will take you through a thorough consultation to understand you needs, what you want to achieve and help you figure out a plan to get there. We have lots of experience working with clients who have varying degrees of disablities or chronic conditions and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have. 
Are you keen to improve your fitness? We would love to hear from you! 
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