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Taping with Kinesology tape has become an extremely popular tool for therapists to use in assisting recovery for clients or to support them during events. We have seen a definite rise in the number of clients wanting to be taped at the end of a treatment and are asking if they can do this themselves at home. (We even sell it in clinic now, just ask for details if you need some.) The feedback we’ve had is that clients have watched many online video’s to help them understand it and to make sure it’s right but often found it difficult to apply as shown or to be sure it’s in the right place on the right stretch. 
We love a bit of taping and think with the right guidance and knowledge you can effectively self-tape at home. It’s never going to be as good as if someone can do it for you but it can work. 
Our Kimberley is the queen of tape, she did her distertation for her sports therapy degree on taping so she knows her stuff! She is putting together a series of taping basics for you to learn how to apply tape effectively and get the most of of it. 
This week is the first video - Basic taping for knee pain. 
One thing we will say is if you have an acute injury, in the last 24-72 hrs, please come and see us so we can be sure to give the proper advice. Get help from one of our expert team. 
Points to remember: 
Round all the corners so it doesn’t snag 
Rip the backing totally across about 2 inches from the end 
Peel away the backing, apply with no stretch and heat activate 
Apply 100% stretch then back off 25% apply tape to area at 75% 
Apply the last portion with no stretch at all ,rub to heat activate & make it stick 
Do you have a niggle or injury that has been bugging you for a while? 
Is training uncomfortable? 
Do you have an old knee injury that won;t go away? 
Kimberley is the therapist for you! 
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