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Clients often ask about my life as a massage therapist and how I juggle my training plans and university work so here it is, a day in the life of Georgie Burman. 
6.30am I get up have a large mug of tea which is of course the most important thing! I have a protein and fats based breakfast, my favourites are fillet steak with some butter, black pepper and spinach or an omelette with mozzarella spinach and mushrooms. Whilst this is cooking I prep all my food for the day as I know I won’t be home until around 9pm. 
I set off at 7.30am for university which is a 1 hr 15 min commute to Gloucester where I am studying a BSc Hons degree in Sports Therapy. We are currently studying spinal mobilizations, spinal alignment and how to correct postural issues (which can help prevent injury)!! This is typically 3 hours of learning practical and theory which I find fascinating and it really helps with me understand my weekly massage clients. 
After this I’m off again on a 1hr 30 min journey to Studio CV34 in Warwick ready to start work providing sports and deep tissue massage for my clients. I enjoy my job, getting to talk to lots of different people and getting to apply the knowledge and skills I am learning in the real world. Around 3pm I have an hour personal training session focusing on increasing my strength to keep me fit and I find it relaxes me. 
Evening clients arrive once I've showered and eaten and I am assessing injuries and providing treatment until 8 pm followed by 30 mins of admin and note taking from the day. 
My passion is dealing with injuries first hand and most importantly prevention. Soft tissue therapy is an excellent way to help correct posture alongside an exercise program to re-introduce good postural habits. Massage works effectively to release tension and speed up recovery from exercise by increasing oxygenated blood into the muscles, this is why I so enjoy the hands on therapy and the results it gives my clients. 
After work I make sure I make time for friends and family, these guys along with my clients are the people that make my day happy. I make sure I have as much fun as possible and laugh lots! 
My day ends around 10.30/11pm when I try to get some sleep. It’s very important for recovery and ensures I’m on the ball for my next full day of being a massage therapist and student. 
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