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”Do you get asked for massages by your partners at home?” 

A question we are asked many times from our clients. The short answer is yes; however, the long answer looks a little bit different. Now, I can only imagine the family hairdresser or doctor are in the same boat. The use of our skills as a Massage Therapist or Sports Therapists are in demand just as much outside the professional setting of a treatment room as they are in it, and it is only down to our good nature that they are succumbed to. Many of us have been at parties or weddings when total strangers start asking what’s wrong with their back or shoulder, and yes some of us have done our best to help in between drinks lol! 

Harry’s story… 

My own partner works in admin and therefore has the all to familiar back and neck issues that comes with any role which requires long computer hours. She gets a constant ache up her neck and into her head. Sometimes she also gets a dull, occasionally sharp, twinge pain down in-between the shoulder blades. This being caused by poor posture and constant tension in these areas which creates knots and muscle tightness. For me, this means endless requests of “will you just?” and “could you just?”. With the reply being a mix of “have you done those stretches & exercises I showed you?” and “where does it hurt this time”, with the same reply of “I forgot” and “everywhere”. But of course, the end is always the same, which is my partner on the therapy table and me treating! 

Family first.. 

Referring back to likeness of the family doctor or hairdresser; there is one group of people who get away with murder beyond the realm of the partner and that is THE FAMILY! 
As a Therapist of any sort; massage or sports, you have to be prepared for this group of people. At any get together birthday or other, you will come across the same situations: the partner offering out your free services to her cousin’s, the stories of family members past experiences with physios who were no good, and finally and my favourite of all; the uncle who limps past you 4 times hoping you catch his eye to start a conversation about his knee. 
Now all these scenarios are happening to all our therapists, and the reply is always the same, and that is of course we will take a look. This is because we know that everyone has their little niggle or serious issue and no matter what, as therapists we will try our best to help. However, I do draw the line at the 4th cousin twice removed. 

Why do we do it? 

The moral and the reasoning behind all this is to explain that we do treat our partners, of course we do even after a full day with clients, but also to say that the line doesn’t stop there. This being much like our work in the treatment rooms, we will always strive to do more, add more value where we can. 
We care about people and love making people feel better. Whether this be treatment or advice, we are here to help. I have limited the professions that get asked for help by family and partners to therapists, doctors and hairdressers, but I am sure it goes way beyond this scope. 
If this sounds familiar to you we would love to hear your stories of helping out those you care about. Make a comment below and share your experiences. 
Would you like some advice about that niggle or a more serious issue? Please get in contact with us. 
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