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We did it! 

We are very proud of completing our first ever sports massage course. We were very lucky to have had a wonderful group of learners who were eager to learn and supported each other all the way. 
This was a level 3 diploma in sports massage therapy which is entry level into our industry so you don’t need any skills to get on this course. This had been an idea for years but the timing was never quite right until last year when we decided if not now, when? 

How we got started 

John, Harry, Amy and Tanya all went on a teaching course and Caroline, who is a qualified teacher already, guided us along the way which was incredibly helpful. It was very exciting to finally be on this journey to opening our very own sports massage academy. It took a while to find the right name but we landed on Fire & Earth Sports Massage Academy, or FEMA for short. Get it? John did say we couldn’t have an actual femur as our logo, good decision. :-) 

Where we held our sports massage course 

We used our Quadrant location to hold the course which worked really well as it is central for driving and so close to the train station. Because it is on the weekends parking wasn’t an issue so all round it worked perfectly. 
Teaching really does help you become a better therapist, you realise how much you actually know and things you do automatically that have come from years of experience. It has been a great experience for us all and so enjoyable, there will definitely be more to come. 

How the sports massage course was set out 

Having a small group enabled us to give each learner a lot of time and as the couse is heavily practical it’s important to be able to watch each person, adapting their techiques or posture where needed. This meant we could give them all constant feedback and they all agreed this was a big bonus. 
Although the course is intense, you need to learn a lot of anatomy and physiology, it covers all the basic information you need to be ready to practice sports massage at level 3. This means dealing with tissue dysfunction but not injuries, that’s for level 4 and 5. We also added a business module onto this course, most therapists end up self-employed so we wanted them to feel confident and know what steps to take next. It’s so easy to get lost after you’ve actually passed a course like this and have no idea what to do to get started. 
6 months went so fast, we all said at the end it will feel so strange not to see the gang from now but we have all pledged to stay in touch. What has also been lovely is the variety of people choosing to do the course, all ages, backgrounds and reasons for doing it in the first place. Some wanted to just learn a new hobby, some start a possible part time career, others know it will be their new full time career. 
We can’t blame them, I know we are biased but it is a wonderful lifestyle business to be in. It is very satisfying where you feel you are helping people everyday, always learning new things and getting to do something that makes a difference to clients daily lives. 
We can’t wait to start the next one and share our skills with another group of wonderful people! Our next course starts on 6th April 2019. 
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