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“When should I come back for my next sports massage?” is of our most asked questions as massage therapists. The answer depends on several different factors which we’re going to discuss today. 
How often you book in for a sports massage depends on your condition and what you hope to achieve. If you’ve been getting sports massages to treat an injury you may have been offered a series of sessions, usually a week apart. If you’re using sports massage as a relaxation technique and to ease the occasional aches and pains, you might choose to book in whenever you feel the need. 

Why should I get a sports massage? 

Sports massage is a wonderful way to fix, treat, maintain and condition the body. However, many find the word ‘sports’ off-putting and imagine the process as uncomfortable or even painful. The term sports massage was first coined by athletes in Europe throughout the 20th century. It describes the context of its use as a performance-enhancing tool and an effective recovery method. 
Its use and methods have developed hugely over time, especially in the last 20 years as the sports massage industry has become as popular as other traditional medical therapies, such as osteopathy and physiotherapy. Sports massage is now widely known and appreciated across the world for its benefits of fixing and maintaining chronic and acute injuries in both sporting and non-sporting contexts. 

Sports massage to treat injury 

Those using sports massage as a treatment for an injury will usually be given a suggested number of sessions as part of a course of treatment. This can differ from a course of 3 to a course of 6 and is dependent on how the injury reacts to massage therapy. 
At Fire & Earth, we strongly believe that in order to see the best results you must stay consistent with your sessions in order to achieve long-lasting change. During this timeframe, we provide you with a personalised programme to take home and work on. These exercises will assist our treatments and help you get the best out of your sessions
If you are suffering from chronic injury, ache, or the sudden arrival of pain, we advise booking in for a course of treatments spread across 3-6 weeks so that we can work on managing your pain as quickly as possible before working on the injury itself. 

Treat it like a body MOT 

Whether you have recently resolved your injury or are just keen on keeping your muscles relaxed and healthy, we suggest maintenance sessions every month or so to prevent any long-term injury from returning and to keep the surrounding muscles supple. These 90-minute sessions act as a body MOT to keep your body feeling relaxed and in the best condition possible. 
Do you think you’re due to have another sports massage? Book with us online today! 
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