“How often should I get a sports massage?” As massage therapists this must be one of our most asked questions, but it’s also a very important one. 
To put it simply, the answer to the question depends entirely on the condition of the individual. Sports Massage is a wonderful way to treat, fix, and maintain the body, whether you’re into sport or not. 
The term sports massage was first coined by athletes in Europe throughout the 20th century. It describes both the context of its use as a performance enhancing tool, as well as being an effective recovery method. Its use and methods have developed hugely over time, especially in the last 20 years as the industry has become as big as other traditional medical therapies, such as osteopathy and physiotherapy. Sports Massage is now widely known and appreciated across the world for its benefits of fixing and maintaining chronic and acute injuries, in both sporting and none sporting contexts. 
If you are suffering from a chronic or acute injury, it is important to understand that, like most treatments, it takes time to affect change and improve the current condition. At Fire & Earth, we like to book in initial courses of treatments, delivered in blocks of 3 or 6 depending on the clients’ needs. Providing these treatments close together (normally 1 a week) will help to achieve long-lasting change to the tissue we are working on. 
In this timeframe, we will also provide a program for you to take home and work on. These at home exercises will assist our treatments and create long-lasting change to your body. 
If you’re suffering from a chronic injury, ache or a sudden arrival of pain, we advise seeing us for a course of treatments spread across 3-6 weeks to firstly remove the pain, as quick as we can, and secondly to provide you with the start of a maintenance program. 
After your injury or issue has been resolved, the best option is to provide you with monthly maintenance sessions, usually between an hour to 90 minutes long. Many of our clients book in for these sessions every 4-6 months and they work fantastically as a monthly body MOT. 
Whether you’re trying to prevent your injury from returning or just want to keep your body in the best condition it can be, then we recommend regular sports massages here at Fire & Earth. 
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