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Many employers nowadays are committed to looking after the physical and mental wellbeing of their staff, and they achieve this in a variety of different ways such as flexible approaches to working hours, on-site wellbeing activities, and creating a supportive office space. 
A working environment that supports employee health and wellbeing is proven to reduce stress and improve performance. 
With most people spending the majority of their waking hours at work, providing opportunities for staff to be fit and healthy in the workplace is more important than ever. 
But is it all the responsibility of the employer? No! And with many more people working from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic it’s now our own responsibility more than ever. 
We are all responsible for our own health and wellbeing, and there are some very simple steps each of us can take to make sure that we’re looking after ourselves at all times, and especially when we’re working. 

Drink plenty of water and less coffee 

Coffee is a well-known ‘first drink of the day’ but it really shouldn’t be. Drink more water and less coffee. Coffee won’t hydrate you; it will actually do the opposite. Water is essential for your body and your brain. The more hydrated you are, the better you’ll think. 

Eat a healthy, well-balanced lunch 

Avoid a beige, carb-heavy lunch. It’s far better to eat something that is good for your health and energy than a processed, unhealthy one. Eat something that’s going to give you energy for a while, rather than spike your sugar level or make you sleepy. Go for soups, lean protein, grains, beans, cruciferous vegetables, and fruit. 

Get up and move regularly 

This is really important wherever you work. Get up, move about, stretch your legs and arms. Sitting in the same position for hours can be really bad for your posture and body in general but it’s also great for your mind to get up, take a break, and have a breather and some fresh air regularly. 

Learn some simple, effective stretches (and do them!) 

Stretching is more than just something you do before a workout or a run. Stretching the muscles has many benefits including increasing blood flow and oxygen to the body. It’s also good for your mind and soul and a great excuse to be mindful of your body and your own ‘me time’. 

Maintain good posture 

Working from home will clearly be a change for many and the sofa or armchair will become a desk if you don’t have a desk or table. Be careful. Try to set up a workstation at a table or kitchen worktop and then aim to have your desk, chair and computer set up so that it’s right for you and your posture. Here’s some great advice on the set up you should try to aim for. 

Leave work at work / home office 

This will be a tough one now you’re working from home as you never really leave your working environment. As good as remote working is and technology like the cloud, it’s important that you ‘switch off’ in more ways than one. Think of ways you can separate the two areas, such as going for a short walk before you go into work mode. Try to ensure your working hours give you structure and balance. 

Exercise regularly 

In the garden, in the garage, walking up and down the stairs more than you need. Find ways to stay active as this is good for health and mental wellbeing. Exercise is a key part of your working day and in many cultures they actually start with it. If you don’t have a dog perhaps you could walk someone else’s dog if they need help. 

Look after your body 

Listen to the niggles and see someone about them when you can. At the time of writing this, all non-essential travel is off the cards, but if you do have a persistent pain then do contact someone like us for advice and help. We can send you exercises and offer suggestions, and get you some treatment as soon as possible. 

Ask for help when you need it 

It can be tough missing out on the busy life of the office, commute, and all that comes with the working day. Make sure you’re speaking to friends and checking in with people as much as you can. Human contact is really important, even if it’s virtual and online. 
Staying in a good physical and mental state requires effort, so don’t expect it to happen on its own. Take ownership of your wellbeing and put your health first. 
We’ll see you soon… 
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