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Many of the people we meet are shocked to learn that sports massages are beneficial for everybody, not just athletes and sportspeople. And so, we felt it could be useful to talk about the advantages of massage, both for those who don't engage in sports and for those who do. 

What’s the difference between massage and sports massage? 

Instead of concentrating on a specific problem area or pain, deep tissue massage is typically performed over the entire body. On the other hand, sports massage is a more precise massage that aims to help discomfort in a specific area. 
There are three types of massage that all do similar things:  

Swedish massage 

This uses techniques to help you improve circulation, relax muscles, and help with relaxation. This tends to be a massage that is performed with lighter pressure and a very flowing stroking technique. 

Deep tissue massage 

This is using techniques to help ease and release tension deep into the muscles. It is commonly used for chronic aches and pains. This tends to be still a flowing stroking technique but with significantly more pressure applied. But don’t worry – the pressure is completely within your control. 

Sports massage 

Sports massage is a type of massage that uses soft tissue manipulation to benefit people who engage in regular physical activity. Skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia are all examples of soft tissue, which is the connective tissue that hasn’t yet hardened into bone and cartilage. 
Sports massage is aimed at resolving soft-tissue issues brought on by strenuous exercise and injuries. When performed before and after a workout, sports massage has the potential to improve performance, speed recovery, and reduce the risk of injury. 

What are the benefits? 

There are many benefits to sports massage, whether you’re a pro athlete or someone who likes to walk around the countryside. The top benefits are: 
Increased joint range of motion (ROM) 
Increased flexibility 
Decreased muscle tension 
Relaxes your nerves 
Leads to decreased muscle spasms 
Increased sense of well-being 
Decreased anxiety and improved mood 
Better sleep 

Who can get a sports massage? 

Whether you’re an athlete or not, if you feel you would benefit from the relaxation of muscles you would enjoy a sports massage. The main difference between whether you are an athlete needing a massage or a non-athlete needing a massage is how long in-between the sessions you can go. If you’re looking at maintenance of just tight muscles, then you are looking between 2-4 weeks apart. If you’re an athlete you’re looking at getting a massage between 1-2 weeks apart. 
It’s important for you to book your sessions with a credentialed and qualified sports massage therapist. These practitioners are specially trained to work with people with various sports injuries and help prevent future injuries related to your sport or activity of choice. Book a massage online now. 
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