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If you’ve met any of us you’ll know we like to talk! Chatting away and getting to know our clients is a great part of the job. However, we’re also pretty good at being quiet and letting our clients relax and take the time to just ‘be’. Not everyone wants to chat, and that is absolutely fine. 

Sports massage doesn’t mean you can’t relax! 

Although we’re a sports massage company and our usual client base, you would think, are sporty people, not everyone is. We regularly help people with aches and pains and injuries that weren’t picked up from doing anything overly active! 
Some clients love to chill out and relax as they receive a deep tissue treatment from one of our talented sports massage therapists. You may want to recovery from a heavy day or week at work being constantly in front of a computer. You may want to take time out of a busy schedule to relax and regroup. Or you may just want some help to get rid of those niggles which have been bothering you for weeks. 

Is it OK to be quiet? 

Being quiet during a treatment is absolutely fine with us. It’s your time, and you choose what you want to do in your appointment. 

Fixing injuries or easing discomfort 

When we do talk to you, it may be to communicate what we’re doing so you are informed and comfortable. We may check which parts you’d like us to focus on, and ask whether the pressure we’re applying is OK for you. We may need to reposition you to achieve the best affect or ease any discomfort you have. But this is necessary to give you the best treatment possible and we can leave you in peace aside from that. 
Feel free to be silent and relax and enjoy the process, while you know it’s also fixing your body at the same time. 
Our therapists will take great care of you. Come and see for yourself! 
Harry Sherlock, Sports Therapist, BSc, MSc. 
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