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One of our clients Laura has been kind enough to share her experience of how much she’s benefited from sports massage combined with exercise therapy in just 3 months! 
Have a read for yourself how effective it can be, thank you Laura! 
Why did you come to Fire & Earth initially? 
“Following my challenging power walk (52 miles in less than 14 hours), initially I suffered with pain in my calf muscle and it was very tight when I walked on it. It developed into pain up my leg and into my back. I have vowed never to sign up to that challenge again!” 
Did you have a personal target? 
“My main interest is rock climbing, this year I am indoor training and building up strength and skills to be able to take it outdoors. Climbing can involve quite dynamic body movements and I need to make sure I am strong and flexible to be able to make some of the trickier moves”. 
The Treatment Process: 
How did you find your first assessment? 
“From previous experiences of having sports massages I expected to be asked where the issue was and someone to go straight in and pummel the muscles. This was different. Harry sat me down and asked me what my issues were, what I think caused it, what I do for exercise etc. He then assessed the calf muscle which was very tender almost 3 months ago. As we progressed with follow up sessions the source of the issue appeared to be the IT-Band in my thigh”. 
Focus of work - What was the treatment process like? 
“Massage is one way to relieve the problems but Harry also gave me "homework", again, something I have never received from visiting other sports massage therapists. The homework was specific exercises to help me which we built on gradually. Another nice touch Fire & Earth give is an email with a link to other exercises to try that were specific to the source of my problem. This included images and videos on how to do the exercises I was unsure of”. 
3 months on how do you feel? 
“Almost three months on and sessions are now 4 weeks apart (depending on my diary). As the pain and tension has reduced the intensity of the massages have increased, but its at a level that is required and I can deal with - if it had been like that on day one I'm not sure I would have booked another session!” 
Laura’s thoughts: 
"Harry took time to get to know me. He knows what my issues are and helped me to understand my body more and how to look after it better. His weekly strength and conditioning class has also helped me to improve. If I have a day where I experience a bit of pain now, I can put into practice the exercises/stretches I have learnt and I can wake up the next day without any issues." 
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