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Have you read our blog - how can sports massage and exercise therapy help me? - well, this is the next stage! 

Progressive Exercise Therapy 

Exercise and movement is our thing! We are all about progressive exercise programmes being put in place which are developed around your individual needs to help rehabilitate you from injury, to prevent further injury and make you stronger. 
You’ve now had your initial exercise therapy consultation and examination, followed by a massage. We’ve put together a personalised plan for you to complete either on your own or with a therapist and you’ll have been shown these functional exercises to complete as your ‘homework’. 
So, what happens next? 
In each appointment the exercises given will be regularly progressed to build strength and/or enhance range of movement, depending on your needs. We will also look at your form, for example, via a video analysis of your running technique, and we will give you guidance on correcting your form. 
There is a lot of stigma surrounding strength and conditioning exercises - that they are boring, repetitive and take too much time. 
However, there’s no need for them to be either repetitive or boring, progressed properly they should be engaging, and mentally and physically beneficial regardless of the aim - and, if you do them, you should start to see change which will motivate you further. 
We will only give you a few exercises to do, usually just once a day with a small number of reps, so the exercises should not take too long. We might even give you the odd day off for good behaviour! 
One issue that we see is that people don’t fully understand the importance of rehabilitation and strengthening exercises for full recovery and injury prevention. As part of your treatment we will explain this to you. 
In the long-term, strength training is a healthier option for the body. Rather than seeing us when an injury develops let’s stop the injury starting in the first place through a combination of maintenance massage, exercise therapy and strength and conditioning work. 
Our main aim as therapists is to give you - the client - the tools to take away so that you can help yourself, and with correct continual guidance you can achieve whatever you want, whether that is injury-free day-to-day living, or being able to compete in your sport where you are moving correctly to avoid unnecessary injury. 

About us 

Harry is our resident Exercise Therapy expert and Strength and Conditioning coach - plus he’s a Sports Massage Therapist and works at our Quadrant and Simply Gym Coventry studios. 
Harry is a fully qualified Sports Coaching, Sports Massage and Exercise Therapist graduating from University of Derby Buxton with a 1st class honours degree and he’s nearly finished his Strength and Conditioning masters degree at Gloucester University - he knows what he’s talking about! 

Exercise therapy sessions 

Harry offers pure Exercise Therapy sessions at Simply Gym Coventry on Wednesdays between 10am-3pm. 
You will have access to all the gym equipment so Harry can show you how to get the best out of your training or rehabilitate injuries. Unlike most physios he can massage and go through the exercises with you so you know exactly what you need to do to get the results you want. 
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