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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this issue over the last few years and there has been research into both sides as to whether it's a good idea or not. 
Our opinion is yes, in between massage sessions, use a foam roller on your ITB's or anything for that matter. Foam rolling should be used as a way to keep up the good work your massage does in between treatments, making the effects last longer. 
While rolling your ITB you are also getting into your lateral quadricep, Vastus Lateralis. Keeping the quadriceps and ITB's loose is important for your knees to function correctly and not have too much pressure on them by overly tight muscles. 
If you run, cycle, regularly do leg day at the gym or any activity that puts alot of strain through your legs then foam rolling is a great way to counter balance that heavy work with stretching. 
We'd suggest rolling after every hard training session and get your monthly maintenence massages to prevent any injuries from occuring. 
We get asked a lot to show clients how to roll the ITB as it can be tricky to get your body in the right position 
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