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You’ve signed up, started the early training plan but you’re worried you old niggles might flare up again. You know what we mean if you have done any kind of running. Aching knees, backs or hips, or all of the above! We have just the remedy to help get you round Cov half without the worry of injury. 
The idea is simple but so powerful, proven exercises that build strength and increase mobility making your everyday movement patterns and activities such as running easier. No niggles, no aches just strong, stable bodies…how cool is that! 
No matter what your goal, be it to reduce knee pain or improve your running performance, the initial assessment and focus on individual progression during this program means you can take it as easy or as hard as you like. 
This 6 week injury prevention class is taught by Harry who is a sports massage therapist, qualified coach and strength and conditioning master. :-) He is really passionate about educating clients about their bodies and teaching you how to get the best out of it. Running places a high demand on the body so it’s really important to do all you can to look after it during training. If you have small niggles before you even start training for a half, as many of us do, chances are these might flare and stop you all together! This short 6 week injury prevention class shows you how get rid of those annoying aches and pains or even better prevent injury in the first place. 
We’ve successfully run these classes for 6 months and we’ve seen some great results! Learning how to do a squat properly and understanding how a bridge should really look and feel have been eye opener for people. These movements that they thought were easy and they were doing ‘ok’ at suddenly became a new experience when Harry adjusted them into the correct posture. 
“I really thought I was good at some of these exercises, but the bridge was way off from where it should be, now I know how it should feel I’m practicing and building it up but it’s already improved and I feel so much better.” 
Getting these movements right ensures you are running correctly and not placing too much pressure in the wrong places. Here’s what it looks like; 
Week 1 - AAA assessment including squat & split squat patterns, bridge, ankle mobility, plank, side plank ability and overhead squat. 
Week 2 - Introduction to movement. Lower body strength with correct movement. 
Week 3 - Workouts building strength and endurance. 
Week 4 - Progressing on week before with workouts designed to push you in the right way. 
Week 5 - Dynamic core movements 
Week 6 - AAA revisited 
Let us help you get through Cov half injury free and stronger than ever! 
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