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The British Open starts today at Carnoustie and it's going to be a pretty dry start for them. It will be interesting to see how they all tackle the conditons and how the leaderboard plays out. What we do know is that these guys put a lot of effort and concentration into getting the best performance possible, including hitting the gym for athletic performance and getting treatment to prevent injuries. 
There are now many players on the tour who value regular sports massage: Rory Mcllroy, Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler (want to know Rickie's drive at the Scottish Open? 400+! No way did he do that with a tight back). Sports massage is a vital component of these players approach to golf, just like strength work. 
Our very own Harry Sherlock plays a lot of golf and we have a lot of golfing clients who are looking to improve rotation through their lumbar and thoracic, whilst of couse preventing injury. As the season goes on we see more clients getting back pain. That repetitive movement be it from matches or days at the driving range can lead to tight hamstrings, a muscular imbalance in your back and more. 
We all know range of movement in golf is key, like most sport, however golf is up there with the highest need. A loose free swing = a good swing pattern. Even for those 120 yards and less shots a loose swing is important, its not just from the tee and drives. Bending over for that putt would be so much easier without back pain lingering in your head. 
Are you finding warming up in the range or before a match is taking longer, and/or not feeling as loose through the swing? 
Massage to your back, legs and shoulders will help lengthen the muscle tissue and give you relief and robustness to remove and/or avoid pain. Regular sessions throughout the season will allow you to play better and enjoy it without worrying what aches and pains will crop up. 
Click the here to learn all about stretching your hamstrings correctly. 
Don't take our word for it, avid golfer and client Trevor will tell you in his own words. 

“For me, Harry has made a massive difference to my life for the better. Since my initial assessment and two treatment sessions four months ago I have gone from chronic calf/knee discomfort to zero pain. My monthly ‘top up’ session sustains this level of fitness. Harry is brilliant and will go far!" — Trevor Gay 

Are you a golfer wanting to improve your swing? 
Do you feel aches and pain are getting in the way of your game? 
We can help! 
Book your massage now to start your journey! 
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