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Stretching after sports should be a part of everybody’s routine, no matter your age and ability. Not stretching or cooling down can leave you at increased risk of muscular injuries, which most of us have been unfortunate enough to experience at some point. 
Why do you need to take time to do your stretches? 
Just some of the benefits include: 
Increased flexibility - stretching helps your constricted and contracted muscles to return to their original state. Consistently stretching will in turn allow your body to become more flexible and injury-proof. 
Eliminates lactic acid - during exercise the body produces lactic acid which makes the muscles feel sore and fatigued during activity. Stretching helps eliminate the release of the acid and relax the muscles. 
Pain prevention - stretching can help reduce the pain to an extent although not fully. Muscles that remain tight are at greater risk of injury. 
Improving range of motion - muscles that have not been stretched after exercise remain constricted which inhibits their range of motion. Stretching the muscles and helping them to return to their original state will also allow the muscle to achieve the range of movement again. 
Below is a series of stretches to try out after sports as part of a cool down routine. They are all for the lower body and aimed at helping in sports which may require a lot of running, such as football, rugby, and tennis. 
If you need any further help with these or would like to book a massage to ease those aching muscles then contact us today. 
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