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Your ‘trunk’, or torso, is your core body. (Imagine the body without head, neck, arms and legs - that’s your trunk!) It’s home to the vital organs and muscles that allow us to breath and move. In particular the muscles involved are the core to our stability (our core muscles). We simply would not be able to stand or move without them. Trunk strengthening itself primarily consists of training exercises that encourage glute strength, hip flexibility, lower back strength, and abdomen/oblique strength. 

So Why is Trunk Strengthening so Important? 

The trunk is a vital part of any motion the body performs, and in order to maintain these movements with ease, it’s imperative we strengthen it. The trunk has key roles in keeping a strong stance, reducing muscle imbalance, and most importantly reducing the strain on our spine. At Fire & Earth we typically find our clients come to us with chronic core injuries, which are mostly related to having weak trunk strength. A weak trunk strength typically contributes to back pain, sciatica, knee concerns, ankle pain and shoulder/hip issues, so our trunk strength plays an overall importance to other areas of your body. 

Fire & Earth’s 4 Trunk Training Tips 

Train glutes in isolation through volume training (higher rep range with smaller rests) and hypertrophy (hard sets with lower rep range, longer rest). 
Train your core with your own body weight and with resistance and added weight, isometrically holding positions or using cable’s or free weights. 
Work on hip and whole-body flexibility to help assist your progress. 
Keep it consistent! We suggest roughly 3 to 5 times a week. 

A Little Example… 

Try training leg strength for a period of twice a week, with core twice a week and then perhaps one overall body session. Modifying/adjusting your program every 3 to 4 weeks will make it more interesting too and also lead to better progression to hitting your physical targets! Check out the trunk strengthening images below for some inspiration on different exercises, or speak to a member of the Fire & Earth team to develop a bespoke programme for you. 
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