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Tanya and John from the Fire & Earth team have been training for the Coventry Half Marathon. Tanya is a Coventry Half newbie and John - in his own words - is a veteran to the course, guessing this to be his 150th time (or maybe that's just what it feels like)! 
Tanya explains how they have both got on so far: 
"When we first signed up for the Coventry Half, it seemed like we had loads of time for training, but March has come round quickly and it's only a week away now! 
As most of you will be able to identify with, fitting in a rigid training schedule can be tough to achieve when you have so many other commitments. And as with most people we have good training days and bad training days too! 
We’ve done these training plans countless times before, but this time training for the Coventry Half has felt just so hard to do. I’m not sure if it’s the weather (we've run in wind, hail, rain, rain and more rain), the time of day (we do early morning runs, though the sunrises have been stunning some mornings and that makes it all worthwhile), our crazy work hours, or maybe simply it's one of those times when training just feels hard. 
I’ve really enjoyed the longer slower runs where we chat all the way round, putting the world to rights, and John has decided that massage will be compulsory when he’s in charge of the country to make everyone happier! 
Some runs have been better than others. Isn't that always the way? We did a fabulous 8.5 mile run last week going up to Warwick University, through their rugby fields and up to the Green Way. We hadn't done this route for a long time and it was a beautiful morning. I love running when the conditions are like that. You can really appreciated the changing of the seasons, and the colours of the sky first thing. 
What I really find hard are hills, I can get up them but SLOWLY, and our routes seem to be full of them! You’d think I’d be better at them by now but no! I have trouble with my left knee since running the Heart of England Marathon last October, and hills tend to set it off. I am stretching regularly and getting treatment from Jordan (just as well we know some most excellent sports massage therapists!). At least we know if we get a niggle or injury what's most likely to have caused it and we can sort it with treatment. If you are worried about a pain, please ask for advice and don't risk further injury. 
Our rough training plan has ended up being just three days per week, and we try to balance out the types of run. It looks a bit like this: 
Tuesday – short tempo run 
Thursday – long slow run 
Sunday – mid distance / pace or hill sprints 
John says he has found training this year to be particularly tough due to having such a busy work life and generally feeling "old" - his words! He's found spinning classes for cross training and strength building have helped and he's enjoying them, but just feels he needs to take it a bit slower this year, and run the course for enjoyment rather than a PB! 
We are looking forward to the Coventry Half. It always has a good atmosphere and support on the way round - and a good supply of jelly babies on the way round is always a winner! 
We'll both be making sure we stretch well after the event, and get a post-event massage to prevent those aches and pains!" 
Happy training and good luck to everyone who is running on March 19th! Let us know how you get on, and remember to book your pre and post race massages, it really will make such a difference! 
Tanya is a fully qualified sports and remedial massage therapist and specialises in sports and deep tissue massage, injury rehabilitation and prevention. 
We are here to help! Give us a call, email or book online. 
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