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Yes you heard us right. We are not doing Black Friday. Or Cyber Monday. 

Don’t get us wrong, everybody loves a bargain - we certainly do! However, Black Friday is an American commercial tradition that has been adopted over here, and it doesn’t just run for one day does it? We’ve all seen the promotions that started weeks ago and will be running until the end of the month. 
That’s not to say people shouldn’t participate in Black Friday, whether that’s buying or selling. This is just our view - we aren’t telling you what to do or making a judgement. But it’s not for us. 

Now here’s the thing. 

We believe in paying for what something is worth. Our goal has always been to provide high quality and bespoke treatments that are worth paying full price for at any time of the year. 
Yes, we occasionally do discounted treatments, but that’s to get our new therapists up and running. We did do a Black Friday promotion a couple of years ago because, if we are honest about it, everyone was doing one so we thought we should too. And do you know what? It went well, really well, but it didn’t feel right at the time. Why should we follow the crowd? 
We appreciate budgets are tight, especially at this time of year, but the clamor over material things makes us feel uneasy. And, if businesses can afford to knock off 50% or more from a product or service, then you have to ask how much are they making the rest of the year? Or are prices inflated superficially prior to Black Friday to allow excessive discounting? This obviously applies more to big companies than independent retailers. Lots of independents use Black Friday in an honest and fair manner. Like we say, we aren’t making a judgement. But it’s not for us. 
We run a business. We are all self-employed therapists under the Fire & Earth banner. We need to make a living and we are passionate about what we do for our clients. But we would far rather reward client loyalty and add value to the services we provide over a flash sale any day of the week. We want you to leave us feeling good and that you got value for money. 
The Story of Stuff say this - “however you celebrate, the holiday season provides an opportunity express gratitude for what we have and to spend time with the ones we love. But for years, retailers have been trying to write a new story for the holidays, one that puts presents before presence. Instead of expressing our love by doing stuff with our families, corporations want us to keep buying stuff for them.” 
So, why not avoid the shops on Black Friday? 
Go for a run, relax, hang out with friends. Whatever you are doing, have a good day! 
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