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We get asked all the time which are the most common areas we treat as sports massage therapists. To be honest it varies and we cover most muscular-skeletal issues so we really do see it all. Having a large team also means it can vary from therapists to therapist so here is Amy’s experience in our Hinckley clinic. 

What does Amy treat most? 

“So the answer to this is it really depends on the time of year for me. The beginning of the year brings in a lot of people who want lower body massages, basically lower back and / or just legs. There has definitely been an increase in the number of people entering runs over the last few years, there is one every weekend to choose from if you wanted to. The big ones like the London Marathon and Brighton are in the Spring so clients start upping their mileage February to April. This means they really need to keep their lower backs and legs from tightening up, hence we see more of these types of massages at this time. 
Again the run up to the summer can see a lot of triathlons, runs and cycling events that mean on the whole it’s leg and lower back pain we are treating, although with cycling this also brings neck and shoulder pain from sitting on the bike for long periods. 
The rest of the year can be fairly mixed but we do see alot of work related back and shoulder pain which is all year round but can increase in the ‘off’ season as people tend to sit more. Bad weather means more car journey’s, longer and darker nights can lead to more time watching TV etc. In these cases we ask clients to address their posture and treat using lots of massage and some exercises to create more long term positive change. 
A lot of clients tend to lessen their training over winter but still want to tick over their miles so need a maintenance massage, this means a massage once over every 4-6 weeks, these can be full bodies or just legs.” 

What sports massage therapists love; 

As sports massage therapists our job is to fix whatever muscular issues you might be having. We love to make clients feel better and help them get back to the hobbies and the lifestyle they enjoy without feeling pain. 
Whatever tightness or pain you have at the moment, come and see one of our expert team and we will happily do our best to fix it for you. 
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