After care advice is something that as therapists we rate highly. 

The main things we recommend are: 
You must drink plenty of water after massage, this makes it easier for your body to flush out all the toxins that massage has created. 
You should avoid exercise after massage as will undo all the work that the therapist has just worked on, releasing all that tension and telaxing your body. Exercising could delay your recovery time. 24 hours later is absolutely fine to get back to your routine. 
You are likely to be sore/stiff the day after the massage. Don’t panic if you feel slightly bruised after, this is just down to the fact that we have worked deeply into the muscles stretching them out. It essentially causes the same affect as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS which you might have heard of. This happens after a hard training session, you know the thing that makes walking downstairs or getting up from a seated position a bit tricky for a day or so. 
Take it easy for a couple of days and this will subside, after that you will start to feel much better and the benefits of the massage will start to show. 

To keep the effects of the massage lasting longer we give exercises 

The last thing that we offer is bespoke exercises. We tend to send these through to you via email after your session. Making sure you do the exercises helps your recovery between massages and keeps the benefits lasting much longer…so make sure you do your homework! 
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