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My love for Osteopathy began from the age of 14, due to a horse riding accident which caused me to suffer with terrible shoulder and neck pain. After coping with the symptoms for months, I finally asked my parents to book me in with our family Osteopath. After the initial treatment my pain was almost halved, and after 3 sessions I was back to being pain free. 
I had never experienced any treatment like osteopathy before, and was completely baffled how someone could seem to do so little yet get such big results. With all this new curiosity I had for Osteopathy I begged for work experience, and since the age of 14 I’ve worked in an osteopathic environment. 
My passion is to educate people on their own bodies, explain how and why they're suffering with certain symptoms/pains. I believe that if we become more in tune with how our bodies were designed to work, we will be able to remove dysfunction from the joints and soft tissue. Osteopathy is much more than just massage and “cracking”, and by sharing our knowledge we can help create a healthier community. 
I treat clients young and old, from sedentary lifestyles to on the go addicted to fitness clients. The biggest part of my treatment plan is “managing the individual”, every person is different, and for this reason one treatment plan does NOT fit all. So whether it’s increasing your levels of activity and encouraging stretches, or trying to encourage rest while you recover, I work to your individual needs. I also know my limits, if I don't think I can help I will make sure we get you referred onto someone who can! 
Since becoming an Osteopath myself, I have improved my lifestyle. I have always been an active person, but I now know the importance of movement more than ever. I take part in regular gym sessions 3-4 times a week, as well as walking my dogs, and when possible I even manage to squeeze a few hours out on the horses. Our bodies crave movement, whether it’s a 20 minute walk to the shops, or a grueling 60 minute session in the gym. The effects on the body are priceless. 
In the future I aspire to increase my knowledge base of sports injuries, this is an area I’m very interested in. Not only osteopathic treatment, but also physical rehabilitation. I have also had the opportunity to shadow Tony Nevin, who specialises in Equine and Canine Osteopathy. As I’m always surround by animals this is something I have considered branching out into later on in my career. 
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