Level 3 diploma in sports massage therapy gets great reviews!

With only a couple of weeks until our second sports massage course we are delighted to be able to share with you the lovely words from Lynda, one of our students who completed our first course in March.

Sharing our knowledge has been a great experience and to see how much everyone enjoyed it was very rewarding. Seeing their confidence grow and making sure they are fully equiped to start a new chapter in their lifes is even more rewarding.

Do you fancy starting a new chapter?

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Our success stories with injury prevention classes.

We are so lucky to be able to help clients every day overcome aches and pains and get them back on the road to recovery. One thing we are very proud of is the Injury Prevention Classes we hold at king Henry VIII School in Coventry.

Don’t take out word for it, listen to how well our clients have felt since starting!

- I have enjoyed your injury prevention classes, and especially your style of teaching/instruction, and have gained some great insight into as well as strategies for minimising injury risk, which I intend to continue in my training.
— Peter Sugden
After having a few 1:1 sports injury sessions with Harry I came along to his group class as a natural next step. The classes provide a low impact approach to help people work on their strength, suppleness and flexibility and give participants a real understanding of how they move (or don’t move) affects different parts of the body. They are a great way to recuperate on the way back from injury or to combat some of the physical signs of ageing…or in my case both. They enable you to work at your own pace in a really supportive environment – there’s no sense of intimidation and it’s a class that works for people of all types and abilities. The classes have helped me recover from a sports injury that had stopped me running and playing football. I am now back to doing both and I now feel that I have the tools to work on my own to manage any aches and pains that emerge from now on. I strongly recommend it.
— Paul Jennings
I joined the first of Harry’s classes last summer. I went because I wanted to do targeted strength exercises and to be shown how to do them properly for maximum effect and without injury.
The class I joined was small enough to achieve this and gradually Harry increased the intensity of the exercises and results came quickly. Where applicable the exerciese were graded according to individuals basic ability and we were given tools to enable us to assess and monitor our progress.
Ideally you also do some excercises between classes but even if these are occasionally forgotten strength seems to build up.
I would recommend Harry’s classes for anyone wanting to build fitness and strength but doesn’t want to go to an aerobic fitness class or a more generic Pilates/Yoga type class.
— Julie Saunders

Come and join us and experience for youself the power of steady, dedicatd strength and mobility work.

Email harry@firendearthuk.com to secure your place or ask any questions.

  • 26th February

  • 7-8pm

  • King Henrys School, Coventry

  • ONLY £48 for 6 weeks or £10 per class

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