Preventing injuries and getting rid of those aches and pains

Are you tired of those aches and pains?
Do you have knees that play up sometimes or niggle when you run?

Our second round of injury prevention exercise classes are starting this Thursday at 6.15pm in Coventry. We had such great feedback from the first class that we decided to put on another evening to help more people.
We learnt clients wanted to be sure they were doing the basics right, they were trying their best at home but not sure if it was correct. The big one was actually doing them in the first place! Sound familiar? You're not alone!

Are you struggling to find the time to get the essential exercises done?
Do you lacked motivation made worse by the fact that you're not sure you are doing them correctly?
This class is for you.

Spaces are limited to 16 per class to provde the best possible coaching to each of you so book in now.
to secure your place.

Our 6 week progressive exercise class is taught by Harry who is a sports massage therapist, qualified coach and strength and conditioning master. :-) He is super friendly and really keen to teach people how to prevent injury and build long term strength.

The programme is designed over 6 weeks so you will gain the maximum benefit from building gradually.

  • Week 1 - AAA assessment including squat & split squat patterns, bridge, ankle mobility, plank, side plank ability and overhead squat.

  • Week 2 - Introduction to movement. Lower body strength with correct movement.

  • Week 3 - Workouts building strength and endurance.

  • Week 4 - Progressing on week before with workouts designed to push you in the right way.

  • Week 5 - Dynamic core movements

  • Week 6 - AAA revisited

Do you want to build a good strong foundation to improve your posture?
Do you want to be sure you are doing the basics right?
Do you always find it diffucult to get them done at home? 

Come along and Harry can help you put all that right.

Starts 2nd October 7-8pm King Henry VIII School, Warwick Road, Coventry CV3 6AQ

Classes are £10 per session on the day or £8 per session if you pay for all 6 upfront. Block payments can be made on the day.