what is swedish massage?

A Swedish massage focuses on releasing the natural tensions built up in the body from the everyday stresses of daily life. This type of massage is extremely beneficial for all areas of the body where tension builds up in the muscles. These are typically:

  • Neck and shoulders

  • Lower back

  • Arms and legs

This approach uses smooth flowing stokes applying pressure that is soothing and relaxing rather than deep and intense.

how it works

A Swedish massage causes two main physiological changes to occur in your body. Firstly you will experience physical effects (the mechanical response) due to the pressure applied by the therapist to the soft tissues. Secondly your nervous system will respond (the relaxation response) due to the technique and touch used in the massage. These two effects combine to create physical and emotional relaxation.

benefits of swedish massage

Having a 1 hour relaxing massage gives you the following benefits:

  • A reduction of tension within the muscles

  • Improved blood circulation

  • A lowering of blood pressure

  • The release of tension headaches

  • A boost to your immune system

experience it for yourself 

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