Terms and Conditions


All information disclosed during your treatment is completely confidential. If we need to discuss your personal notes with other professionals we will ask your permission first. In certain instances we may need to contact your doctor to explain or discuss a particular problem you may have.

A consultation form is filled in detail prior to your first massage and all future information and notes about your condition/s and treatments will be recorded on this form. The set-up of the consultation form will be undertaken during your 1st one hour appointment.

Clients are covered with towels during treatment and only the area being massaged is exposed. Shorts & tops can also be worn if preferred. If you have any further questions about appropriate clothing to wear during your massage please ask your therapist before attending.

Please give your therapist at least 24 hours notice if you cannot make your appointment. We reserve the right to charge the full price of your appointment if the cancellation is not within 24 hours. Any pre-paid massages may also be charged if less than 24 hours notice of cancellation is not given.

Aftercare Advice

  • You may feel light headed, tired, and dehydrated after your treatment. It is important that you drink plenty of water directly after the massage and for the rest of the day to flush metabolic waste from the tissues that have been treated.

  • Try to relax for the rest of the day/evening following treatment. No heavy exercise should be undertaken for a least 24hrs.

  • Ice pack applications, or warm baths maybe recommended following treatment depending on your individual complaint.


Massage is not recommended for certain people, for example:

  • People with infectious skin diseases, rashes, or open wounds

  • Immediately after surgery

  • Immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor

  • People with osteoporosis should consult their doctor before getting a massage

  • People prone to blood clots, there could be a risk of blood clots being dislodged.

  • Massage should not be done directly over bruises, inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, tumours, abdominal hernia, or areas of recent fractures.


The 15% referral discount is valid for 30, 60 & 90 minute massages. To receive your 15% discount you must ensure your friend quotes your name when booking and your discount will be added to your record. You will then receive 15% off your next massage once your referral has had their introductory massage. The referral offer is only valid for referring new clients to Fire & Earth Sports Massage. It cannot be used by existing customers even if they are seeing a different therapist for the first time.

If you are a referral customer please quote your referrer’s name when booking your appointment and you will receive 15% off your introductory massage.

10% and 15% discount packages must be paid for in full either before or at the time of the 1st treatment. All massages must be taken within a 6 week ( 3 massage package) or 12 week  ( 6 massage package) period, failure to do so may result in your session being invalid.

The 6th massage on your loyalty card must be the same value as those booked beforehand.

All Fire & Earth offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.