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Fire & Earth Nutrition Plan for Health 

Take the first step on your journey to a healthier, happier you! Make the changes to feel great and live your best life. 
The benefits of the programme: 
Slimmer waist 
Inch loss 
Free from bloating 
Curb sugar cravings 
Increased energy 
Relaxing and restful sleep 
Improved mood 
Reduced aches & pains 
Improved skin 
Supporting digestive health 
Supports circulation and heart health 
Improved sports performance and recovery 
Start with the basics and build the foundations of a healthy approach to eating. 
Gut health has really hit the headlines of late and for good reason. 
Getting this right means you start to process the foods you eat correctly and this leads to a healthier mind and body. Start by addressing your bodies microbiome. 

Synergy Supplements 

We've partnered with Synergy Supplements to bring a full range of science-led supplements and vitamins based on Nobel-prize winning research.  
This furthers our goal of harmonising the mind, body, and spirit.  
Through this unique partnership you'll get specially arranged discounts on products to improve: 
Digestive & Gut Health 
Core Nutrition 
Weight Management 
Sport Nutrition 
Skincare & Beauty 

Feedback on the fire&earth Nutrition Plan 

My aim when I started this plan was to lose weight, feel better, have more energy, reverse Diabetes, improve heart health & be more active. 
When I first read the plan, I wasn’t sure how I would stick to it or what I would be eating. I had been unsuccessful with slimming clubs, but Tanya explained that there was no calorie counting, weighing, or measuring of food. 
I had got stuck in a rut & was fed up with the food I had been eating, so I decided to give it a go. 
The first week was a little strange taking supplements alongside food. There are some new recipes which I’d never tried before but found it quite easy.The second week was shake week plus evening meals & snacks. It was probably the most difficult out of the 3 weeks, but you go with the flow. I planned the third week for while I was away on holiday in France. Found the supermarkets in France so much better than the ones in the UK. They make it easier to eat a healthier diet. 
As I got used to the plan, I found that I wasn’t missing dairy, bread/pasta, or crisps & felt much better for it. 
My bloating, skin & IBS symptoms have all improved. I have better quality sleep and feel more alert. Since doing the plan I’ve only had one night where I had cramps in my legs – I had been experiencing this a lot before I started. 
My HbA1c blood sugar came down from 62 to 53. I need to continue with this & lower it still further to reverse the diabetes totally. 
Measurements – have lost 5 inches from around my waist, 4 inches from my hips! 
My journey hasn’t finished at the end of the 21 days. I’m now on the maintenance plan, using everything I’ve learned over the past few weeks. I have the occasional wobble when emotions get in the way, but Tanya is very supportive & is on hand when help is needed. 
I must remember how far I have come & how much better I felt while on the nutrition plan to help me stay motivated to keep going. 
It’s worth every penny!" 
Sam Curry 
“We both found this 21 day plan easy to follow and after a short time of starting we found we were far more alert and had higher energy levels. 
Although this is not spefically a weight loss programme we found that we did lose weight as well. 
However, one of the biggest benefits for us was our quality of sleep, which was so much better. 
Tanya was a great help and support always available if we needed to ask any questions and kept in touch with us throughout. Such were the benefits we are about to embark on another one!" 
Danny & Caroline 

What is the Microbiome? 

Did you know we are only 10% human? The other 90% of us are microbes, bacteria and fungi that live on and in us and are collectively known as our microbiome. Crazy right?! 
Science is now proving that our microbiome has a huge influence on our bodies immune system, digestive health, weight, skin, brain and even our mood and ability to cope with stress. Now we have this understanding many people are choosing to focus on their gut health first to achieve the best of health. 
How does the Nutrition Plan work and what do I get? 
This plan combines healthy eating with the addition of high quality nutritional supplements designed to support your microbiome and gut health. You are given clear guidelines of what foods you can have and which ones to avoid, along with which supplements to take and when to take them. 
For 21 days you will follow a structured eating plan that removes those foods that aren’t so good for your gut, increase those foods that are good for your gut and include great supplements to support you in the process. 
Along with this you will receive meal plans, tracking questionnaires just before and after the plan and support throughout. 

  The Plan includes;  

Messaging support throughout 
Nutritional kit with 5 supporting supplements 
Tasty healthy recipes 
Friendly and experienced support 
2 one to one ‘track your progress’ appointments 
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