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You've decided that's it, you're not putting up with this niggling pain anymore, so now what? What treatment do you go for to get it sorted? 
We understand how confusing it is to work out where to go and who to trust. We've taken the guess work out of it for you so all you need to do is book an appointment and we'll do the rest. We see hundreds of happy clients every month so you can trust that we know soft tissue and how to fix it. 
During your first visit with us your therapist will go through a consultation form with you where they listen carefully to what your needs are and explain what therapy treatment is best for you, this could be massage, exercise therapy, a bit of both or a referral to another healthcare professional. We recommend your first treatment is no less than 60 minutes as it gives time to both assess your condition and give you a great massage. 
Your results are important to us so we take our continued learning very seriously, plus we love it! 
Our approach is a combination of all the techniques we've learnt over the years to give you the best possible outcome. 
If you have an injury or long standing muscular restrictions it may take more than one session to fix. This is because muscles have memory so they can get locked into unwanted patterns or scar tissue can build up post injury. 
By working together through a treatment plan of massage and home exercises our goal is to get you feeling good as quickly as possible. For these issues we recommend packages of 3 or 6 treatments, this is the most cost effect and quickest way to get back on track quickly. 
Treatments with our team are priced depending on their experience. We have bronze, silver and gold levels, however, all of us are extremely well qualified and equally as good so please check out our bio’s and see who you’d like to try! 


30 minutes 
from £40.00 
60 minutes 
from £55.00 
90 Minutes 
from £75.00 


Package of 3 treatments 
10% off total price 
Package of 6 treatments 
15% of total price 
No problem we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about our treatments on 

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Sports Massage 
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