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We've been training for the Coventry Half marathon. It's been a roller coaster ride for us, it's gone well, less well, terrible and OK. How have you found training for an event? We've done some reflection about our training and we've learnt a lot! 

Here's 10 things we've learnt while half-marathon training; 

1. Having a training buddy is totally necessary for motivation, moral support, nagging and jelly baby distribution. 
2. Set your end goals, but focus on the mile you are in. Run that mile. Build on small successes and you’ll reach your goal. 
3. Don’t dwell on ‘failures’ - yes we missed some training runs but it’s important not to dwell on it and move on. Persevere. Don’t give up. It’s important to know your limits too. We’ve had injury niggles and we had to listen to what our bodies were telling us, and be prepared to be flexible and re-evaluate our training plans. 
4. Take time to focus and clear your head. For us, running in the early morning is empowering, so peaceful and beautiful (most of the time, though it has rained quite a lot!) It gave us time to think. That head space, whatever time you prefer to run, is invaluable. Enjoy the moment you are in. 
5. Set your own pace. If you go too fast you’ll burn out. Go too slow and it can feel unproductive. Your body will have its natural pace and happy place. Go with that. 
6. You over-analyse everything! Every niggle (well it is our job to do that I guess), what went well what could go better, what we ate, what we drank, etc etc. No need. Reflection is good, but go with gut feelings and don’t overthink it! 
7. Prepare! Stretching is really important, as is warming up properly - do your preparation! 
8. Try not to over-complicate things. We see all the time adverts for products to make us go faster, run more efficiently, help us get that elusive PB. But do we really need all that stuff and clutter? Essentially, the most important bit of kit is yourself. Take care of yourself with nutrition, hydration, good trainers, listening to your body and yes, sports massage will help keep you in tip top shape. 
9. It’s hard getting the work-life-training balance right. We need more hours in the day! If anyone knows how to turn back time, or has a time travel machine, please share it with us. We’d be really grateful! 
10. We are looking forward to finishing and the feeling of accomplishment and pride that it brings. And do you know what, we aren’t aiming for a PB, just getting round and enjoying the event will do us (and maybe the beers at the end!). 

We can do this. Positive mental attitude. 

Oh, and... 
We always say we’ll never do that again, and guess what, before you know it we are planning your next adventure. 
Those people who tell you are crazy - they are right, but take it as a compliment! 
We’ve just read that list back, and actually, it applies to many aspects of life and work, not just training for a half marathon… 
Good luck to everyone who is running on March 19th! Let us know how you get on, and remember to book your pre and post race massages, it really will make such a difference! 
We are fully qualified sports and remedial massage therapists and we specialise in sports and deep tissue massage, injury rehabilitation and prevention. 
We are here to help! Give us a call, email or book online. 
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