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It’s so easy to forget to look after your body when you are engrossed in screen-time. The last thing you want is bodily aches distracting you from working, but all you want to do when you are in discomfort is to lie down and do nothing. What an unproductive cycle! To best look after your body, set up a desk somewhere quiet and in a space that is going to be efficient for your work ethic and body movement. 

To sit or not to sit, that is the question! 

If you prefer to sit, place a bolster behind your lower back to support spinal alignment. This will reduce lumbar soreness and stiffness. This will also help to position you to keep your knees bent to 90 degrees, which reduces hip stiffness and aids in keeping your feet flat on the floor. 
We are designed to be mobile, so a standing desk is a great option to combat the majority of tightness and stiffness caused by sitting for too long for work. It encourages muscle activation, joint mobility, circulation, and postural stability! 
Whether you’re standing or sitting at your desk, aim for the top of your laptop/monitor to be in line with your eyes. Your head weighs anywhere between 5 and 8kg! Imagine holding an 8kg weight at arm’s length for a long time. Heavy right?! This is what it feels like for your neck if your screen is too low. The weight of your head looking down for prolonged periods can place additional load on the surrounding muscles and discs, so no wonder your neck and shoulders feel stiff and tight after being in this position for a while. 

Now you’re set up correctly, what next? 

Adjusting your desk posture is a perfect start to reducing your chance of developing niggles. But if you’re already putting up with chronic aches, it’s a great idea to reinforce your new set up with a regular sport massage to reduce muscular tightness, spinal stiffness, and improve productivity! 
Remember to also keep yourself moving as often as possible to support your body’s natural alignment for long term relief. 
If you need help on keeping those desk posture niggles at bay, book your massage online here today! 
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