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We've become hillseekers! 

August 18th-19th. Two people. Three mountains. One car. 24 hours. 462 miles to cover and 23.5 miles or 3,064 metres to climb. The ultimate test of friendship… 
Er, who’s idea was this again? I’m blaming John... 

So what is this Three Peaks Challenge anyway? 

Challenge is in the title for a reason! You've probably already guessed, but there are three mountains, Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowden - and the challenge is to climb them one after the other within 24 hours. 
Seems sensible… 
The challenge is something we had heard quite a lot about and some of our clients had done it before. It seemed like something that would test our fitness and endurance levels (and possibly our friendship too!) - but you know how we love a challenge! 
Not that we are competitive or anything. Nope. Not us. 
I’ve climbed Snowden before (just for fun, as you do). And that was tough, so three... yep, seems sensible! 

Game on… 

As with all challenges, physical and mental preparation is important. And where better to start than with some new shoes? 
Did someone say shoes? 
I got hold of some Hockers. I wore them in a little bit (probably should have worn them a bit more) before the first training walk, but you live and learn. But even so, on the day they didn’t let me down, comfy and light, no blisters or sore bits! 

Practice walk 1.1 

If we call it practice walk 1.1 it implies we have a plan (which of course we do) and there are more walks to come… 
I abandoned work and headed off on the road with my friend Adelaide from Warwickshire Walkies and her two dogs. My best buddy Mabel had to stay at home due to her canine arthritis, or at least that’s the excuse she gave. 
Our first challenge was the traffic, getting stuck on the M40 (the dangers of travelling on a perfect weather Friday), but we finally made it to our chosen starting point. We had chosen a medium-strenuous starting point from British Camp. 
Crucially, there was a great pub, an ice cream parlour and a coffee shop there, so it ticked plenty of boxes! It was fairly busy as there was some sort of festival going on nearby, and we had some music to accompany us on the start of the walk. 

The only way is up… 

It was a VERY steep start. It was tough and I was worried about my fitness levels - need to add in some cross training to sort that out. Thankfully the track levelled out a bit after half an hour or so. The stone steps in places were tough. 
The weather was amazing and the views were spectacular, you could see for miles. 

What goes up must come down… 

You’d think coming down would be easier, but no! My knees took a bit of a pounding on the way down and felt a bit sore. Once we got back home I stretched and foam-rolled and had no aches or pains the day after. I’ll definitely be getting a colleague from the Fire & Earth team to do some maintenance massage treatments on my legs and hips to make sure I stay in good shape and keep that niggly knee in line. 

So what do we know and what’s next? 

I really enjoyed it - beautiful weather and amazing company certainly helped! Although it’s walking don’t underestimate the endurance required! Next time I must remember to take a watch and tissues - and insect spray. Definitely insect spray! 
I need to build up the amount of time walking. We walked for two hours, but that needs increasing to around four hours which is the goal for each mountain. 
I am going to improve my general overall fitness levels with some cardio and strength training (especially after that first steep half hour!). 
We’ll be mountain goats in no time... all being well! 

Are you undertaking a challenge or endurance event? 

Sports massage should be an essential part of your training plan. For any questions about how to prepare for your event or to schedule your massage today, contact us. 
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