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More and more of us are suffering with non-specific neck or back pain bought on by practices in the work place. These conditions can cause immense frustration and lead to a lack of concentration, reduced output and time off work.Does that sound familiar? In many instances GP’s will only suggest pain killers and rest rather than offering a solution to the problem. With numbers reaching close to 30% of adults aged 30 to 65 experiencing these problems there has to be a better solution. 
Why are so many of us suffering? 
In many cases these debilitating conditions are the result of sitting in front of computers for too long or standing whilst undertaking repetitive tasks. These conditions are further exacerbated by a lack of exercise outside of the work place. Moving in general is good but we also need to look at doing the right exercise to help stretch and develop the muscles that have been contracted or stressed during the day. Could you do with finding the right exercises for you? If so book in here. 
The good news 
The good news is the Massage Association have confirmed that research into workers who spent the majority of their day sitting down or standing benefitted immensely from massage. A regular sports or deep tissue massage, along with exercise therapy can help cure and importantly prevent the return of these frustrating problems. How would you like to get some of that? Participants who had regular massages and followed the advice benefitted by: 
Reduced levels of neck and back tension 
Increased alertness and concentration 
Reduced levels of stress 
Increased performance levels 
If you are suffering with a work related debilitating condition such as neck and shoulder pain, tennis elbow or regular headaches, don't put up with it when the solution is so simply. Book yourself in with one of our expert therapists and we will help you guide you on what the best treatments are for you. 
You may also like to read some of the testimonials from our clients who have suffered with these problems and have been helped by massage. 
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