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Soft tissue release or ‘STR’ is a massage technique often incorporated into a client’s treatment to help assess and treat areas of restriction within soft tissue, whether that be muscles, soft tissue such as tendons and ligaments, or facia/connective tissue.  

The science bit! 

Skeletal muscles are made up of elongated muscle fibres which attach to the bone to create movement. At one end you have the origin of the muscle – this is the fixed attachment point that anchors the muscle. The other end is the insertion point, and it’s from this end that movement happens. The muscle fibres shorten in the direction of the origin point to move that particular body part. 
The muscular system’s main functions are the movement of the skeletal system that enables us to move, run, walk and undergo all the activities we do. Secondly it supports our skeletal system and provides postural support. When there’s dysfunction within one muscle it can quickly impact other areas of your body and lifestyle in general. 

How is STR massage performed? 

During your massage, various massage techniques will be used with the aim of restoring correct function. STR involves your therapist using manual pressure on a particular muscle to create a false attachment point, then either passively or actively stretching the muscle to encourage the muscle fibres to realign. STR massage is also useful for targeting specific muscles rather than a whole group of muscles, so it provides a more through and in-depth treatment which improves long term recovery. 

Is STR massage right for me? 

Soft Tissue Release Massage is beneficial for lots of different people in various situations. If you suffer from chronic pain, have limited mobility, or simply carry stress and tension in your muscles (which, let’s face it, most of us do), this massage can work wonders. It's also excellent for athletes or those recovering from injuries, as it aids in muscle recovery and reduces the risk of future injuries. However, if you have any existing health conditions, it’s crucial to consult with your healthcare provider before trying any new massage therapy. 

The benefits of STR massage 

Ah, the perks! There are plenty of reasons why soft tissue release massage is gaining popularity: 
Pain relief: Say goodbye to persistent pain! By releasing muscle tension, this massage offers effective relief from soreness and discomfort. 
Improved flexibility: Loosening those tight muscles enhances your range of motion and flexibility, making everyday movements easier and more comfortable. 
Stress reduction: A session of soft tissue release massage is like a mini vacation for your mind. It promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels, leaving you feeling lighter and more at peace. 
Better posture: By targeting specific muscle groups, this massage aids in correcting postural imbalances. Goodbye, slouching; hello, confident posture! 
Enhanced circulation: Improved blood flow is a significant perk. Proper circulation means your muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients, promoting overall health and vitality. 
Faster recovery: For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, soft tissue release massage accelerates muscle recovery after intense workouts, allowing you to hit the gym sooner with reduced muscle soreness. 
If you have an aching neck or tight shoulders, or any other muscle tension, a massage will put a spring back in your step and help you feel more comfortable, as well as giving you your movement back. Book in with one of our qualified and friendly therapists today
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